Vook Offers Lower Price for Small Publishers Due to Customer Feedback

In response to complaints that its pricing structure was too high, especially for smaller publishers, the company is offering a $9.99 “Starter Account.” More, from the Vook blog (You Asked. We Listened. New Accounts at Vook starting at $9.99):

For a limited time, the Vook Starter Account is only $9.99 a month. You get 100 MBs of Storage Space, 1 User and all our other excellent features, including automatic distribution to Amazon, BN, and iBooks, your eBook files to distribute through other marketplaces on your own, and 100% of your royalties from the distributors (after they take their cut). We hope that you’ll find the Starter Account a cost effective way to create an eBook, experience sales success — and then look for opportunities to upgrade and produce more books with us.

Read more at Vook.com.


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