Video: Seen and Heard at Digital Book World

By Rich Fahle, Founder, Astral Road Media, @richfahle

Couldn’t make it to Digital Book World? Came but want to relive the excitement?

This is the first in a series of video interviews from Digital Book World, created by and Rich Fahle at Astral Road Media.

In this series of interview excerpts, Hyperion publisher and president Ellen Archer, Forrester Research vice president and analyst James McQuivey, OverDrive president and CEO Steve Potash and The Atavist editor and CEO Evan Ratliff talk about pressing digital book issues.

A joint production of Digital Book World and Astral Road Media: Founded by Rich Fahle, Astral Road Media is a full-service digital media agency, providing content strategy, design, video production, and other creative forms of social outreach for authors and content creators of all types.

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Rich Fahle

About Rich Fahle

Rich Fahle is Founder & CEO of Astral Road Media, an innovative marketing services agency for authors, artists, and other content creators. He is also the founder of Bibliostar.TV, a new video portal for authors and books. At Astral Road, he oversees the implementation of author marketing strategies that fully capitalize on the emerging digital marketplace, including platform and content strategy development, streaming video and audio production, website development, and digital publishing guidance. Prior to Astral Road, Fahle was Vice President, Digital Content, E-Commerce and Entertainment for Borders, Chief Spokesman and Media Relations Manager for the cable TV network, C-SPAN and a manager at Kramerbooks, in Washington, DC.


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