Using ‘Content Outside the Physical Definition of the Book’ to Promote Books

As book marketers find new ways to reach readers, content outside of what is normally considered a “book” is being used effectively to tease and market books, according to Matt Baldacci, vice president and associate publisher at St. Martin’s press, a division of Macmillan.

“What we’re good at is creating stories…and then distributing that content. So, using stories and content outside of the physical definition of the book to promote the author and the book is something we’re really getting into,” Baldacci, who is involved in marketing, operations and acquisition at St. Martin’s.

Baldacci related an instance of St. Martin’s creating and selling a short story that introduces a new character that is coming out in the next book by crime and romance fiction writer Iris Johansen in advance of the release of the book.

“The fans have gone crazy,” said Baldacci, meaning that they’re primed to buy the book when it comes out.

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One thought on “Using ‘Content Outside the Physical Definition of the Book’ to Promote Books

  1. Chris Rechtsteiner

    When books are truly in and of the web, indexed and available to be searched or shared, in part or in hole*, the entire game of marketing a book is going to change.

    * index / share depth set by the author / publisher not retailer.



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