Urban Readers Prefer Ebooks, Rural Readers Prefer Print, New Study Says

Of people who read both ebooks and print books, those who live in urban areas are more likely to prefer reading ebooks and those who live in rural areas are more likely to prefer print, a new study says.

Further, urban book readers who do not read ebooks are more likely to say they’re interested in learning more about borrowing ebooks from their library than either rural or suburban readers, according to the Reading Habits in Different Communities study from the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Among all three groups (urban, suburban and rural ebook readers), most use their e-reading devices to read, but nearly as many use tablet computers, especially in rural areas (92% use e-readers and 89% use tablets). Between e-readers, tablets, computers and cell phones, the latter is the least popular device for ebook reading in all three segments but urban readers use their cell phones the most to read ebooks: some 30% of them do.

For a more complete summary of the findings, go here.

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