Unglue.it Relaunches Two Months After Being Shut Down by Amazon

[Press Release]

Unglue.it relaunches with Stripe, five ungluing campaigns

Two months after being forced to shut down by Amazon Payments, Unglue.it is relaunching today with a new payments provider, Stripe, and ungluing campaigns for five books.

Unglue.it is a crowdfunding platform that supports authors and publishers in releasing free editions of their books. After successfully raising $7500 to make Ruth Finnegan’s 1970 classic Oral Literature in Africa free to the world, they were forced to suspend their remaining campaigns when Amazon changed its policies on supporting crowdfunding companies.

To replace Amazon Payments, Unglue.it has chosen Stripe. ttps://stripe.com/). A venture-funded startup based in San Francisco, Stripe is devoted to making it easier to accept payments on the web.

The five books that are being unglued are:

Budding Reader Book Set 1: Cat And Rat (Ten Books) by Melinda Thompson with Melissa Ferrell, https://unglue.it/work/82055/ , a set of books designed to help children learn to read.

Love Like Gumbo by Nancy Rawles,  https://unglue.it/work/493/ , a National Book Award winning coming-of-age story which was one of the first popular novels to tackle this subject from the perspective of a lesbian of color.

Obama Search Words by Stephen Black, https://unglue.it/work/88498/ , a collection of facts, stories and photos about the President.

So You Want to be a Librarian by Lauren Pressley, https://unglue.it/work/76348/ , a book aimed at students who wonder if a library career is right for them.

The Third Awakening by Dennis Weiser, https://unglue.it/work/113782/ , a macabre, eco-friendly, erotic sci-fi fantasy satire about corporate culture and the superior beings who come to save Earth from itself and human beings from their dark side.

“We appreciate the support and kind words we received from around the world,” said Eric Hellman, President of Gluejar, the company behind Unglue.it. “Having Stripe on our side puts us in a much better position to grow our movement and bring many books into the public sector. These five books are just a start and we hope that their successes will be the snowflakes that trigger an avalanche.”

About Unglue.it: Unglue.it (http://unglue.it) is a crowdfunding platform which rewards rights holders for making their ebooks available to the world under a Creative Commons license (http://creativecommons.org).  Unglue.it runs campaigns for previously published books, allowing book lovers to pledge toward giving them to the world.  When rights holders’ target prices are reached, they receive funds in exchange for issuing an unglued ebook edition which can be freely read, copied, and shared, worldwide.  For more information, see http://unglue.it/press .


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