ThrillerFest-Inspired Digital-Only Imprint Publishes First Work

ThrillerFest novelist gets thrilling makeover by digital publisher Safari Imprint

NEW YORK, July 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Safari Multimedia, LLC announces it has launched a new imprint for authors who need high-end editorial, design, production and marketing support.

Safari Imprint is the publishing arm of the award-winning, Texas-based Web development and multimedia firm Safari Multimedia, LLC. The company creates, builds and manages online presence for clients, including Fortune 5 global energy companies, mid-sized corporations and even smaller, sole proprietorships.

On June 8, Safari Imprint released its first novel, the thriller Gorgon, by author Joseph Massucci. His previous novels sold hundreds of thousands of copies during the “traditional” publishing era.

In Massucci’s new novel, Special Forces must find and kill al Qaeda terrorists before they wipe out the eastern seaboard with a genetically engineered virus created by the U.S. military.

A desperate president orders all military resources directed at the virus’ destruction – even if that means unleashing a thermonuclear hell.

“There’s a very interesting twist to Massucci’s new novel – the United States actually exercises the nuclear option – and that keeps readers guessing until almost the ‘very end’ of literally everything,” says Safari Imprint Marketing Director Stephanie Johnson.

The release of Massucci’s book coincides with the July 11-12 ThrillerFest VII in New York. ThrillerFest is a four-day celebration of thriller books, the authors who write them, and the fans that read them.

The 2011 ThrillerFest spawned Safari Imprint.

“We heard from many frustrated authors last year who could not get published, re-published or even considered by literary agents or publishers who are burned out by the diminished economics of book publishing,” Johnson says.

Authors also revealed they are uncomfortable with digital publishing.  The process can be complicated, from properly formatting copy for various venues to creating sophisticated, compelling book covers.

Bloggers report that amateurish editing, design and production values characteristic of self-published books are the leading cause of bad reviews and no sales.

“Safari Multimedia employs top editors, designers, production artists and marketing staff to produce high-end paper and e-books,” Johnson says. “Safari Imprint’s offerings should add a few spine-chilling tingles to ThrillerFest 2012.”

The company upped the ante by building an interactive website for this week’s launch, The site allows thriller fans to enjoy more direct communication with their favorite author.


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