Thoughts on Random Penguin From the UK

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Some thoughts from the UK on the Penguin-Random House merger:

– Random House Penguin can also be abbreviated to “Ruin” (credit to Ben Evans, a media and telecomm analyst from Enders Analysis for that one)
– MacMillan + Hachette = Mache[t]te (credit to Waterstones UK for that one)
– Harper Collins + Simon & Schuster = Harsch (my creation)

Here in the UK, the combined company of Random House + Penguin, would have 25% market share, according to The BookSeller, and overtake Hachette, the current No. 1.

This might not just be a defensive move vis a vis Amazon, but also vis a vis agent/author demands for 50% ebook royalties and publishers’ desires to keep them at 25%

Also, some food for thought regarding the market capitalization of the new “mega” publisher and other firms in the space:

– Apple: $560 billion
– Google: $224 billion
– Amazon: $106 billion
– Random Penguin: ~$3 billion


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