Things Get Testy in IPG-Amazon Coverage

From Publisher’s Marketplace (A Little More on IPG and Amazon):

The story of Amazon removing IPG clients’ ebooks from sale spread quickly yesterday. Among additional details, IPG president Mark Suchomel told Crain’s Chicago and the WSJ that ebooks comprise less than 10 percent of the distributor’s revenues….

…Then late last night, the New York newspaper with a full-time Amazon reporter weighed in as if no one had written about the story yet. They got agent (and former bookseller) Andy Ross “on the record” many hours after he posted a comment at PublishersMarketplace and came up with the striking observation that pulled IPG listed on Amazon include “a button to click to tell the publisher you would like to read the book on Kindle.” That’s big-time journalism for you.

Read the full story at Publisher’s Marketplace.


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