The Publishing Mind Shift

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The Publishing Mind Shift

The biggest change in publishing is under our control—if we allow it. It is our own mind shift in how we approach things.

This video was shared with me by a student in a publishing course. What she gets that many established publishing professionals seem to struggle with is how to take some of the “challenges” we are facing and recognize them as opportunities to reinvent our business in a whole new way. Take a look and you will see the metaphor presented here.

What a gift it is to be on the cusp of making some pivotal advances with the words we consume! The first step we can take in this mind shift is to remove the word “threat” from our vocabulary. While some fear what tablets may do to how we read, I firmly believe they will create new readers. This means new consumers of books.

We are living in a time when content can be consumed on one screen/device. Games, TV, books, etc. all live in one environment that is a simple click or swipe away. As we all know, books for so long have lived only with other books in bookstores and libraries. When a new book was published, we were preaching to the same niche group of people who walk into those places to find the latest book to read.

What makes me so energized is that there is now a huge opportunity to get the 90% of the population who claim they don’t read to actually read. We can create a whole new market of readers like we have never been able to before. This is a great opportunity to rethink old practices and invent new ones.

My mind has already shifted, and I must tell you—it is a fun place to be when you think “outside the book.”

One thought on “The Publishing Mind Shift

  1. Ian

    Very clever and slick video. Unfortunately I can see way to many young people who identify with the first half! I don’t suppose that it has even been any different!

    The speed of modern media production with its several shots per second, is hardly conducive to encouraging long attention spans. Being a camera man today must be akin to playing a high level video game lol!

    Still, good video and my kids liked it!



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