The No. 1 Trend Impacting E-Books

It’s not production, pricing, the Department of Justice or anything Amazon is doing: It’s the cloud.

Over the past few years, authors, publishers, booksellers and readers have been transitioning to the cloud. For authors, publishers and booksellers, the transition is about doing more and doing it more efficiently.

Hachette, for instance, has seen great return on investment with its move to cloud-based systems for its workflows. Other publishers have seen the same.

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For readers, it’s about more discovery and connection with books and each other and easier management of their e-book libraries.

As tablet computers continue their rise in the coming months and years, this transition will accelerate and authors, publishers and booksellers that are sleeping on this trend will suffer.


State Department Backs Out of Kindle Deal (infoDocket)
In June, there were rumblings that the State Department was to partner with Amazon on an initiative that would send Kindles loaded with U.S. literary culture to overseas embassies. There was even to be a press conference with Jeff Bezos and Hilary Clinton. A few months and a few angry outcries later, the program has been suspended so State can conduct “additional market research.”

Digital Revenue up 87% at Quarto, Still 2.2% of Overall (DBW)
Digital revenue was nearly double at Quarto in the first half of 2012 to $1.6 million but it’s still only a tiny percentage of overall revenue – and growth is slowing. Is there a digital future for illustrated book publishers?

Has a Content Divide Replaced the Digital Divide? (IFLA, pdf)
“Today libraries face a content divide driven by the problem of ebook access for our customers,” according to a new report from the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions.

Sony Announces New eReader, “Optimized for Long-Term Reading” (DBW)
The latest iteration of Sony’s flagship e-reader is designed to make long reading sessions better. The touch screen device is priced at $129, compared with $99 for the cheapest Kindle Touch and cheapest Nook Simple Touch.

Social Marketing: You Are the Expert (Writing on the Ether)
Being good at social media is all about being good at being social. So, if you think you need to hire a 22-year-old fresh out of college to understand Twitter and Pinterest, think again – you are more the expert than they are.

Meet the New Boss (DBW)
McGraw-Hill Education has a new chief digital officer. Prior to McGraw-Hill, he was chief information officer at Harvard for six years.

Speaking of Education… (DBW)
A new start-up has launched an e-book lending service for school libraries that brings $100,000 worth of digital books from the likes of Random House and Open Road Media to school children for $1 per checkout.

Open Road to Take Koontz Kids Book Digital (PW)
The digital publisher will release the first novel for young readers from Dean Koontz, Oddkins: A Fable for All Ages, on September 4.

Something You Can’t Do With E-Books (Books on Books)
Try taking 250,000 e-books and building a huge maze in the Royal Festival Hall in London. You can’t! Sometimes, there’s no substitute for the real thing. (Like in this case.)

50 Shades, the Musical! (DBW)
When we emailed the public officer about this story asking, “Is this real?” her response was swift and to the point, “Yes, of course.” It’s not the only 50 Shades extension out there and certainly won’t be the last – laters, baby.

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