The Juicy Details on Amazon Prime

Amazon announced that its Amazon Prime shipping business for which users pay $79 a year for two-day shipping on all items is outstripping other popular methods of shipping on the leading e-tailer. As Amazon has grown, Prime has evolved into more than just a preferred shipping option: Over 200,000 pieces of content – books and movies – are available to Prime members who also own Kindle devices.

With this release of information and other steady updates from Amazon, we know almost everything about Prime – except just how many members it has. More slices of Prime info:

— Of the top three items ordered using Amazon Prime, three of them are versions of the Kindle device and the fourth is Fifty Shades of Grey.
— The Kindle Owners’ Lending Library has grown to 180,000 items from 5,000 at launch.
— There are about 15 million items available for purchase and shipping with Prime.


Consumers Sensitive to E-Book Prices? (Forbes)
On the one hand, consumers told us they hated high e-book prices. On the other hand, many of the best-selling e-books cost $10 or more. Still, a good ol’ price reduction can really juice e-book sales.

American Exceptionalism (The Shatzkin Files)
When it comes to adoption of digital reading, the U.S. is way ahead of the rest of the world, writes Mike Shatzkin. As the e-book revolution switches into its next gear and digital reading gains purchase internationally, here are some things to think about.

Rise of Indie Authors (DBW)
Simon & Schuster has signed a two-book deal with indie author Tina Reber. The New York-based publisher will re-release one of her older titles as an e-book and will release a new e-book title. Trade paperback versions will follow in 2013, after the e-books. What some indie authors are after.

Kindle Look, No Touch (Engadget)
The Kindle Touch is no longer available on Amazon as a new item. Is demand being readied for a new Kindle e-ink device to be announced next week at Amazon’s Sept. 6 event in Santa Monica, Calif.? We’d like to add to our prediction of a 10-inch Kindle Fire announcement: Kindle touch with backlighting.

iPad Rumors (Apple Insider)
The current rumor is that Apple will announce a 7.85-inch iPad at an event in October and it will be called the iPad Mini. At that size, one has to imagine that reading would be a focus of the new tablet.

1-800-Apple (Macworld)
Publishers frustrated with the quirks of the clunky iBookstore now have more recourse than an online contact form. Apple has added a support phone number for publishers who are having trouble using the iBookstore.

Kiwis, They’re Just Like Us (Computerworld)
Libraries and publishers can’t seem to get together on the e-book lending issue even down in New Zealand. There, like here, there is a belief that borrowers are also buyers.

Social Media Analytics for Publishers (Pub Perspectives)
New start-up CoverCake has a subscription-based social media analytics tool. The tool is meant to help publishers make better marketing decisions.

Crowd-Sourced E-Book Soundtrack (DBW)
Some 700,000 musicians were queried to develop the ambient soundtrack to an edition of the H.G. Wells title The Time Machine. We hope they don’t all play at once.

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