The $20 iPad

Okay – it’s not quite an iPad, but at $20, it doesn’t have to be. The Aakash 2 is a smaller tablet (about the size of the Google Nexus 7) and it will sell to students in India for only $20*.

You may have already heard of the Aakash 2 but has a video with the CEO giving it a spin.

How could a near-free tablet computer change the ebook and digital publishing business? Probably in the same way a free e-reader could change it – except illustrated book-, app- and children’s interactive ebook-publishers would be along for the ride, too.

The Aakash 2 is pretty stripped, as the CEO admits in the demo. To a non-tech-person, however, the Aakash 2 might as well be a Kindle Fire or a Nook Tablet. It runs on Android; it has a color screen; and connects to the Web. What more could an ebook seller without a tablet business or a children’s interactive ebook publisher that wants to see a tablet stuffed in every stocking this holiday season want?

* This price is subsidized partially by the government. It would cost $40 without the largesse of the Indian taxpayers.

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3 thoughts on “The $20 iPad

  1. THartman


    The new Novo 7 Legend is the first quality “$100 TABLET” available from any major brand and launched November 15th — and available at a site called TabletSprint and includes Android 4.1, a quality screen display, and Micro SD portable storage – Plus WiFi, Ethernet and an option for 3G connection –

    The Novo 7 Legend is manufactured by Ainol Electronics, which received a “Best Tablet of the Year” award at CNET Consumer Electronics Show 2012. TabletSprint also bundles in something no one else is offering for all tablets they carry – free monthy 3G/4G wireless service in the U.S. with a 500MB Data Plan with full internet access & VoIP voice calling.



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