TED Conferences Launches E-Book Reading App, Partners With Atavist

UPDATE: This story has been updated per the request of a TED spokesperson to accurately reflect that $14.99 buys a three-month subscription, not an annual subscription as we earlier reported. We apologize for the error.

Already ubiquitous on the Web with its popular video talks, the TED Conferences is expanding further with a new e-books reading app and line of e-books.

TED Books will be, “Shorter than a novel, but longer than an article,” according to the company’s website.

TED Books have been around for some time, but have so far sold on other platforms, like Kindle, Nook and iBook stores. What’s new is a proprietary reading app launching for the iPad. According a report on the Huffington Post, an Android app is also in the offing.

TED is building its books using the Atavist platform. The Atavist has evolved this year from being a company that primarily produces and sells e-book shorts to a technology platform aiming to service the e-book needs of some of the largest media companies. In the Spring, after receiving large financial backing, Atavist announced plans to release a free version of its software.

TED will sell books for $2.99 each or users can buy a three month subscription for $14.99 through the new TED Books app. That price includes one book every two weeks, a total of six books, and “founding subscribers” — those who sign up in the first 90 days — get access to the entire TED Books back catalog. Attendees of the TED conferences will receive a free annual subscription, according to Huffington Post.

Learn more in this short video about the project:


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