Taiwan E-Book Market on the Cusp of Boom

A local publisher and head of the Taiwan E-Book Association says that the number of e-readers and tablets in the island-nation will soon reach a critical mass and soon the e-book market there will boom (Taiwan will see boom in e-book market: publisher):

Taiwan’s e-book market will grow dramatically in the next three years as a large number of e-book readers and tablets are made available, a local publisher said.

“By 2015, the number of e-book readers and tablets is expected to exceed 2 million units in Taiwan, a figure that is big enough to drive the e-book industry forward faster,” said Yu Kuo-ting (俞國定), chairman of the Taipei-based Taiwan E-book Association (台灣電子書協會).

Read more at Taipei Times.

One thought on “Taiwan E-Book Market on the Cusp of Boom

  1. Renee Pierce Williams

    People all over the world want to read. I think social media and electronic technology has enabled people access to media and information they would have otherwise not had. It’s a beautiful thing!



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