Strange Turn in DoJ Price Fixing Investigation, Settlement Near?

A strange turn in the DoJ vs. Apple and the agency five price fixing probe. From the Wall Street Journal (Settlement Near on E-Book Pricing):

Talks to resolve U.S. and European price-fixing probes into e-books are heating up, with three international publishers inclined to settle the matter, according to people familiar with the matter.

Apple Inc., another target of the investigation, and two publishers appear reluctant to settle on the terms sought by antitrust authorities in both the U.S. and Europe, those people said.

Publishers who sign on to the settlement would likely have to allow market leader [to] resume discounting their e-books, a practice they dislike. It is unclear whether books by publishers who settle with the government would continue to be available on the iPad, and if so at what price.

According to the people with knowledge of the case, the Justice Department has insisted on a “cooling-off” period before publishers would be allowed to resume the arrangement. It has argued that the waiting period would allow publishers and booksellers to resume a one-to-one relationship, free of the taint of collusion.

Read more at the Wall Street Journal.


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