Storypanda: New iOS App for Kids to Create Their Own Interactive Stories

[Press Release]

Storypanda Books Comes Out of Beta To Help Kids Create Their Own Stories

Storypanda’s first iOS app, Storypanda Books, is now out of beta and ready to help kids read, create and share their very own interactive stories.  The Silicon Valley backed startup is innovating in the kids market by focussing on helping kids become content creators not just consumers. Reading interactive stories on Storypanda’s iPad app helps stimulate creativity and social play together as a family.

In its first month of Beta, Storypanda Books helped over 2000 kids and parents create over 10,000 stories. With new social sharing features parents can now post their kid’s creation on their social channels and to the web so even family members and friends who don’t have an iPad can still enjoy the little author’s creation. Storypanda is working with top publishers and authors to bring a new interactive approach to their stories. Storypanda’s offering becomes a great answer to the question of how technology can help kids as they begin to read and learn about the world around themselves.

This unique approach to publishing and reading comes from the minds of James Chutter and Pavel Bains, two interactive media veterans who saw a way to bring their experience in gaming and entertainment to the publishing industry. “Publishers really like how our product features generate high retention, increased engagement, and more visibility for their books,” says Storypanda’s CEO Bains.

“The authors we work with love how Storypanda Books pushes their creativity and breaks the traditional mold of writing a kids book” adds Chutter, Storypanda’s Chief Creative Officer.

Storypanda is funded by Silicon Valley’s 500 Startups and a slew of angel investors with previous digital media successes from SAY Media, Adobe, and WPP.

With new stories being added to the Storypanda app every couple of weeks kids and parents will always have a new book to read, create and share together. Storypanda Books can be downloaded from iTunes or by going to


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