Start-up Ganxy Wants to Help Publishers Sell to Consumers Across Web and Social Platforms

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Ganxy ( today announced the launch of its Showcase service on the eve of the 2012 Frankfurt Book Fair. Ganxy is changing the way books are promoted and sold online by overcoming the traditional barriers between authors, publishers, and their audiences. Ganxy’s Showcase offers a consistent interactive display across diverse marketing channels where readers can browse, buy, and connect with authors and publishers.

“Any author or publisher with a web page, a blog, or a social media presence can use Ganxy’s tools to effectively present books and other media,” says Aleks Jakulin, Ganxy’s president. “Ganxy helps busy authors and their publishers understand and connect with their audiences and even sell and promote directly, right from their own websites, without a middleman.”

Publishing industry players are overwhelmed by an ever-expanding roster of new platforms and technologies, which makes it difficult to keep their online promotions and sales consistent and effective. Through Ganxy’s patent-pending approach, authors and publishers can easily manage multiple retailers, social media platforms, and devices through a single, powerful marketing tool. Ganxy’s Showcase allows users to reach customers all over the web through an engaging showcase that is not tied to a single web page or platform, but rather can be featured on websites, blogs, and social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter – all at the same time.

Ganxy’s Showcase offers the same great experience, whether it is discovered on an author’s website, a book seller’s social media feed, or a publisher’s mailing list. The Showcase reaches broader audiences by offering:

• Direct connection with customers: Authors and publishers can collect email addresses and offer customers personalized updates, special offers, and more.

• Engaging product presentations: The Showcase allows customers to get a feel for the book through optional elements like a cover image, description, video, and preview. Engagement increases sales.

• Consistent and mobile-ready: Not only can Ganxy’s elegant Showcases be customized to reflect the book’s brand and displayed in the same consistent way whether embedded inside the author’s blog, on the publisher’s website or on Facebook, but they’re also optimized for any device, including PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

• Informative sales metrics: Customers have the choice of any retailer as well as the high-margin, direct commerce option. Ganxy provides data on traffic to retailers sent to them by authors and publishers.

• Higher profitability: Readers can support their favorite authors and publishers by buying digital content directly. Ganxy charges just 10% of net sales – much less than other online retailers.

Anyone can create a Showcase in minutes. Ganxy avoids the complexity and expense that authors and publishers face in setting up and maintaining their websites, blogs, and other online customer touch points, while adding consistency, engagement, mobile-readiness, direct connection, transparency and profitability.

Ganxy has worked with world-class publishers and authors like The Economist, Wiley, and Barbara Freethy to promote and sell their books across the web.


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