Start-up Ganxy Launches Ebook Bundling Option for Publishers to Sell Direct

Ebook sales and marketing start-up Ganxy is launching a new feature to its storefront widget that allows publishers to bundle ebooks to sell groups of them together at a discount.

Selling ebooks in a package deal, also known as bundling, has become popular with the launch of start-up Storybundle and the success of the first ebook deal from Humble Bundle, a company that mostly sells software — a group of sci-fi ebooks from known authors netted over a million dollars.

“What we’re trying to do is give the publishers and authors more flexibility and control on how they promote,” said Ganxy co-founder Joshua Cohen.

The tool is simple to use. An author or publisher uploads individual ebook files along with key metadata like author, title and cover art. Then, when creating a bundle, they choose the titles they want to include, price, cover art and duration of the deal. The Ganxy platform creates a unique widget that has its own URL and can also be embedded in a website or on Facebook.

Publishers interested in selling directly to consumers without undercutting traditional ebook sales on retail partner sites like Kindle and Nook can utilize the bundling functionality to offer readers something unique. Diversion Books, the start-up digital publisher, is already using Ganxy for bundling (see above) and, said Cohen, has made clever use of the widget’s capacity to collect reader email addresses, a benefit of selling direct. Other Ganxy customers like OR Books, Wiley and Mercury Inc. are not yet utilizing the bundling tool but will be able to as it rolls out today.

“We want to give publishers more tools to sell the content how they want to sell it,” said Cohen.

Unlike other popular bundles, Ganxy will not be allowing consumers to set the price and there is no charity component.

Ganxy officially launched in Oct. Ebooks downloaded through Ganxy are digital rights management software-free.


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