Spate of New Bookselling and Book Discovery Projects Hang Hat on Affiliate Selling

Booksliced, a new bookselling site launched at the end of June focused on surfacing books that are being deeply discounted, has a new affiliate program to try to juice sales. “Share BookSliced links with your friends” and profit, the site boasts.

A new project called Tellmyfriends has invented a scheme to encourage people to buy music and books and share them legally with friends using affiliate commissions if purchases are made. It also has a pyramid-scheme-like aspect where affiliate commissions are subdivided between content sharers as a piece of content makes it from friend to friend.

And reKiosk, a new affiliate bookselling program that gives a very healthy cut of book sales proceeds to those who sell through its “kiosks,” launched in beta in July. The site’s founder, Aziz Isham, sees social curation as the key to the next wave of book discoverability.


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