Sony Launches Reader Ebook Store in Germany

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Enter the world of international bestselling content: Sony’s Reader™ Store Is Now Accessible in Germany   

Today Sony introduces its German Reader™ Store to offer an extensive selection of German bestsellers as well as international ebooks in the open EPUB format. Sony Reader (PRS-T2 and PRS-T1) users can conveniently purchase these ebooks directly from their device. Users of Reader Pocket Edition™, Reader Touch Edition™ and other Reader models can access Reader Store’s website via PC or notebook to buy ebooks and manage them with free Reader for PC or for Mac software.

Luxembourg, December 13th 2012. The selection of digital content in Sony’s Reader™ Store prioritizes both the quality of the ebooks offered for sale and their optimal readability on mobile reading devices, so it’s not surprising that the entire catalogue – which includes several hundred thousand titles – is available in EPUB format. Many thousand titles are DRM free or watermarked, if publishers support this strategy, like e.g. Bastei Lübbe, Publisher for Ken Follett, Andreas Eschbach, Dan Brown and others does. The assortment covers all fiction and nonfiction titles on the “Spiegel” bestseller list that are available as ebooks. Bookworms who would like to read international bestsellers in the original languages will likewise be well served by the Reader™ Store. The selection includes ebooks in eight different languages, including numerous bestsellers from the USA, Great Britain, Italy and Spain.
Ebooks such as “Der Hundertjährige, der aus dem Fenster stieg und verschwand” by Jonas Jonasson are available in German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, French and Polish, Ken Follett’s “Winter der Welt” in German, English, Danisch, Dutch, Spanish and Catalan or J.K. Rowling’s “Ein plötzlicher Todesfall” in German, English and  Dutch. “Fifty Shades of Grey” is available in German, English as well as Danish and Flemish.
Fans of international ebooks also benefit from the pre-installed high-quality dictionaries: You don’t understand a word in “A Casual Vacancy”? Simply click on the unfamiliar word in the text and the Reader™ PRS-T1 and PRS-T2 instantly displays its translation from English language into for example German or an explanation of its meaning. That’s a distinct advantage for everyone who loves to read international literature.
The Reader™ Store is directly accessible via Sony’s PRS-T1 and T2 reader and also via other reading devices and Computers at

Built in Reader Store for Reader PRS-T1 and -T2
Switch on your reader, purchase ebooks, and your reading pleasure can begin! Starting today, this experience is now conveniently accessible via Sony’s Reader™ Store in Germany. Here’s how: simply click on the Reader™ Store button in the starting menu of your digital reading device and you get instant access to a gigantic selection of ebooks in many different genres and from many different countries. Wi-fi gives customers the option of also conveniently purchasing ebooks when they’re away from home so they can immediately begin reading.

“We’re happy to launch Reader Store Germany. We aim to satisfy the reading needs of our customers by offering the books they want to read”, says Tad Kitsukawa, Managing Director Sony Digital Reading Services.

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  1. christine richards

    I have sony e book but when I try to access f/book or reader store says it cant find website. What do I do



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