Software Firm Launches New Digital Publishing Platform for Publishers


Corporate Graphics Commercial Releases Publish 360 – A Digital Publishing Platform Solution for Content Publishers and Distributors Serving School Libraries

NORTH MANKATO, Minn., March 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Today’s content publishers and distributors serving the education marketplace often face challenges in balancing the needs of the traditional print environment while keeping pace with the ever-changing world of ePublishing. Corporate Graphics Commercial is addressing these needs through the introduction and release of Publish 360(TM), a new digital publishing platform solution designed to help them increase their efficiencies and revenue streams while at the same time reduce their up-front technology investment and speed to market.

“With the Publish 360 platform, content publishers have access to one system that can simplify their print production process and easily convert their print book content into popular eBook formats (e.g. PDF, EPUB, Mobi, Audio, Interactive, and more),” said Glenn Bottomly, Ph.D., Vice-President, Marketing & Technology at Corporate Graphics Commercial. Content publishers can also leverage high quality, turnkey MARC record and metadata services for print and eBooks; services which include highly desirable data outputs such as Lexile® Measures, Correllated Fountas & Pinnell and support for the Common Core initiative. Plus, eBooks on the Publish 360 platform can be quickly and securely distributed using DRM protection through branded online storefronts belonging to either Content Publishers or Distributors. Other benefits of the Publish 360 platform include shelf-ready services, fulfillment services, the ability to archive high-resolution print and digital files, and selling content on their custom-branded storefront. With easy access to real-time data, Content Publishers gather market insights and make informed decisions regarding future content development.

“The Publish 360 platform was developed after years of research we’ve conducted with education publishers and distributors that want an easy, seamless way to bring their products to market without dramatically changing their existing processes,” said Mark Braun, Senior Sales Representative at Corporate Graphics. “We’re excited to offer a powerful, turn-key system that can be customized to meet individual needs.”

With the Publish 360 platform, distributors also benefit from the additional eBook revenue stream generated using a simple, standardized platform that requires little investment, conforms to industry standards (e.g., PDF, EPUB, etc.) and addresses the same DRM challenges content publishers face while enabling multi-channel distribution models like download, timed subscriptions, or long-term licenses that have Digital Rights Management (DRM) throughout so sales can be maximized.

“Corporate Graphics Commercial is proud to partner with our customers in ways that allow them to concentrate on what they do best—creating and distributing content—while investing in technological solutions that result in their profitable growth today and into the future,” says Dan Kvasnicka, President of Corporate Graphics Commercial.

For more information about the Publish 360 platform, please contact Mark Braun at or 800-729-7575 ext. 336.

About Corporate Graphics Commercial

Corporate Graphics Commercial is a leading full-service provider of book printing, eBook delivery, and ancillary services located in Minnesota and is a subsidiary of the Taylor Corporation. Corporate Graphics Commercial supports content publishers, distributors, independent school photographers, schools, military units, and corporate clients worldwide through state-of-the-art prepress electronics, printing presses, extensive bindery capabilities, and electronic book production and distribution technologies. For more information about Corporate Graphics Commercial, please visit or call 800-729-7575.

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