Social Reading Plugin Platform ReadSocial Launches

ReadSocial, a set of social reading plugins that publishers can use to add social features to e-books, launched today. From the company’s about page:

ReadSocial is a service that adds social features to your content quickly and easily. By grabbing a few lines of code and dropping it into your iPad app or website, you can offer groups and shared comments, right on top of your content, no matter where it is.

Here’s an example: If one person is reading your content in your iPad app and another person is reading it on the Web, you can make a bridge between the two and spark conversation. Comments travel between systems, despite DRM, and you can import comments made by other users.

And — did we mention? — comments can be text, links or images. We offer two open-source clients — feel free to alter and improve them! We want you to focus on your content, not setting up servers, scaling databases and designing social user interfaces!

See the product here.

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