Social Reading Platform Readmill Launches New iPad App with Adobe Support

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Readmill Launches Revised iPad app to Support Adobe DRM and PDF, Plus Announces New Partner Stores With ‘Send to Readmill’

16 October 2012: Readmill, the social reading platform, has today released an updated edition of its iPad app that will support Adobe DRM protected ePub and PDF, giving every ebook publisher and retailer a powerful new channel to reach consumers. Readmill enables its users to read, discuss, highlight and share the books they love, either within its community or across their social networks; and now with access to a virtually unlimited range of titles, there is more opportunity for discovery and recommendation than ever before.

The adoption of these new formats marks a significant milestone for Readmill, which aims to make reading open, social and shareable for everyone. Once an ebook has been downloaded to the app, features available include: storing and accessing books in the cloud-based library; a clean, engaging and simple reading interface; highlighting, commenting and sharing meaningful passages with friends, followers and the ever-growing vibrant community.

In addition to the revised iPad app, Readmill has also announced new partnerships with six independent bookstores, each of which has integrated the ‘Send to Readmill’ button at online checkout. In just one click, users can automatically send their ebook purchases direct to their Readmill library, ready to consume. New partner stores will include Efendi Books, Ellibs, Ebookmall, Feedbooks, Lybrary and Hacker Monthly, extending the total number of supporting retailers to almost 30 – a number which is rapidly increasing.

Readmill co-founder and CEO Henrik Berggren said: “At Readmill, our aim is for everyone to realise the potential of social reading and discover the benefits of connecting with others around the books they enjoy. Today we are a step closer to achieving this by enabling almost every type of ebook and epublication to be consumed via our app. We will also continue to increase the stores where readers can send directly to Readmill, making the whole buying to reading process totally seamless.”

For more information on Readmill, including how to become a partner store, or to simply download the iPad app, please visit



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