SnackReads: Another Short-Form E-Book Publishing Start-up

Following in the footsteps of The Atavist, Byliner, Kindle Singles, Slimbooks and others:

[Press Release]

SnackReads Brings Short Fiction Back From the Grave

Albuquerque, New Mexico (October 15, 2012) — Just in time for Halloween, a new online publisher seeks to reanimate short fiction, but without the rotting flesh and ennui. SnackReads is reviving
already-published stories as bite-size ebooks. However, only certain kinds will do: fast, fun and inexpensive.

“We are not raising any dreary monstrosities from the dead,” says Josh Gentry, Editorial Director.  “We bring back well-written, brief and enjoyable tales forgotten since first publication, or that never reached the people that would enjoy them. If you are like me, you do not always feel like starting a four hundred page novel, or a multi-book series. When I can can steal a few minutes after the kid is in bed and the dishes are done, I want to read something that is going to entertain me without upsetting me, and that I can finish in a few sittings. Inexpensive is good, too.”

Their first offerings are a science fiction story by award-winning author Suzy McKee Charnas, and a brace of steampunk yarns by recent Hugo Award nominee Daniel Abraham. But the publisher plans to issue stories in all genres by established and upcoming writers, and even reprint long-forgotten tales by the greats when available.

“It’s an opportunity for readers and writers,” Gentry says. “People can now get entertainment on their phones, tablets and laptops almost anywhere, on the train, in the waiting room, on their lunch break. And a lot of great authors have short works rotting in their bottom drawers because they can’t find a home.” This new venture will bring both together.


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