Simon & Schuster Video Efforts Pass Million Monthly Views Mark

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Monthly Video Views Now at 1 Million Mark

NEW YORK, September 19—Since launching its on-site Studio4 production facility in 2008, Simon & Schuster has built a library that now numbers 3200 separate videos, which are published both on its own sites and syndicated through 8 distribution partners.

On average, Simon & Schuster publishes 40 new videos a month, in a variety of programming formats including exclusive author interviews, book trailers, how-to, tips, and on location shoots including bookstore events.   All of Simon & Schuster’s Studio4 video is shot in high definition and delivered in multiple formats, and each video contains robust metadata including SEO friendly titles, descriptions, and keyword tags to make for easier discoverability.

In August, Simon & Schuster reach the milestone of 10 million lifetime video views on YouTube.  With video now firmly established as an integral part of Simon & Schuster’s marketing campaigns, critical to building world of mouth and awareness for its books and authors, earlier this year the company embarked on an initiative to increase its monthly views and has achieved impressive results.  Monthly views of Simon & Schuster videos are currently at the 1 million mark across the company’s own sites and syndication partners.

“While the book itself remains the supreme driver of consumer choice, today’s sophisticated reader and fan has come to expect readily available and entertaining information about both their favorite authors and those they are considering reading,” said Ellie Hirschhorn, Executive Vice President, Chief Digital Officer.  “Video is now a critical part of that mix, and we are determined to provide readers with high quality video content that can be easily found in both expected and unexpected locations through the widest distribution network maintained by any publisher today.”

Simon & Schuster’s initiative to expand video viewership for its authors has focused on three critical areas:

In recent months, Simon & Schuster has entered into partnerships with some of the largest distributors of video on the web, as well as non-traditional video channels.  These partnerships join S&S’s existing distribution arrangements with outlets including YouTube,, and Goodreads to give Simon & Schuster video a reach unparalleled by that of any other publisher.  New distribution partners include:

· carrying S&S videos in several lifestyle areas including relationships, food, parenting, health, and more.

·         BLINKX.COM: the world’s largest video search engine, with over 35 million hours of content indexed, BLINKX provides video to many top sites, including, and attracts more than 100 million unique users globally. Simon & Schuster’s video content will now be featured and discoverable on BLINKX’s network of partners.
·         ROKU:  Simon & Schuster video will soon be available on your TV as anyone with a ROKU box (a set top box that allows video streaming through your television) will be able to tune into Simon & Schuster’s branded channels.   S&S videos will be periodically promoted in the Roku Channel Guide as people browse the service.

·         TABOOLA:  the world’s leading video discovery and distribution platform with over 130 million unique visitors/month will now add Simon & Schuster’s video content to their distribution network, which includes top destination sites including The Wall Street Journal,, CNN, BBC, Bloomberg, USA Today, The-Hollywood-Reporter,, Fox Television and many more. In addition, a selection of related video from Taboola will be added to Simon & Schuster’s site.

·         Digital Broadcasting Group: A content production and distribution company with more than 2600 partners, DBG will now feature Simon & Schuster’s lifestyle videos on appropriate channels in its content distribution platform.


Recognizing that many web consumers search for information based on categories of interest, Simon & Schuster has created the subject specific video channels TIPS ON HEALTHY LIVING and TIPS ON LIFE AND LOVE that aggregate and brand its lifestyle and relationship videos, and BOOK STEW, a channel featuring author interview videos for pop culture and general interest books.  Several of Simon & Schuster’s partners, including ROKU and BLINKX, are using the channels as a way to showcase these videos to their audience.  This unique approach to book related video also builds upon Simon & Schuster’s content vertical strategy, serving as a video brand extension of its popular TIPS ON HEALTHY LIVING and TIPS ON LIFE AND LOVE blogs.

Simon & Schuster has redesigned the video hub on its own site,, for ease of use by consumers, its authors, and to optimize search results.  In addition to an updated look and feel, the new video hub allows users to watch by channel, and has improved sharing though a social media suite (in which authors or fans can now drop video directly onto their Facebook pages), and organized by related video channel.  Under the hood and invisible to the consumers, the site has a more search engine friendly structure that makes it easier to find and index Simon & Schuster video in searches for information about the company’s books and authors.


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