Shatzkin: Ten Pew E-Reading Data Points and Analysis

Hungry for more analysis of the new Pew Internet e-reading research data? Here’s just a taste from the Shatzkin Files (A feast of data to interpret in new Pew survey of book readers about ebooks):

1. We are getting very close to half (they report 43%) of Americans 16 and older saying they have read a book or other long-form content in digital format in the past year. As other data in the survey suggest, this number is still rising rapidly.

This number is an index of how much of the reading public can be reached without print. Since elsewhere in the data it is reported that only 78% of the people 16 and over have read a book in any format in the past 12 months, it appears that more than half the book readers can be reached without print already.

Read much more at the Shatzkin Files.


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