Shatzkin: Publishing Systems Differentiator for Big Publishing Players

As publishing has gotten simpler for indie authors in the e-book era, it’s become much more complicated for established publishing companies.

With each edition of a book (Nook, Kindle and so on) requiring its own ISBN, set of metadata and careful production and processing, the back-end of publishing operations is becoming increasingly important — and could be the difference between success and failure for publishers, according to publishing consultant (and DBW partner) Mike Shatzkin.

Shatzkin goes so far as to say that, historically, publishing companies with better systems often acquire those with inferior systems:

The original Macmillan (now a division of Simon & Schuster) almost died in the 1960s when they fell so far behind on returns processing that they couldn’t properly dun bookstores to pay their bills. In the late 1980s or early 90s, Penguin had a warehouse crisis that was a similar existential threat.

To that end, Shatzkin, with his company Publishers Launch, an events company in partnership with Publishers Lunch’s Michael Cader (also a DBW partner), is offering a new event at the end of July: Book Publishing in the Cloud — How Software as a Service is Transforming the Book Publishing Industry.

Read much more at The Shatzkin Files.


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