Shatzkin: Publishers Shouhld Re-Think Branding Strategies

From Mike Shatzkin’s blog, The Shatzkin Files (Should trade publishers start ditching their B2B imprints for a B2C world?):

But times really have changed. Attention on the end user is rising; the intermediary structure is declining. And publishers should be rethinking their branding strategies, at the core of which are imprints, as they address the emerging marketplace realities.

Publishers seem to recognize that the competitive statement they need to make going forward is about quality, expertise, and investment in professional support for the creative effort. This will distinguish theirs from the swelling mass of self-published books which are usually sorted out today by their pricing. On the agency model, the Big Six books are $9.99 to $14.99 (a few bucks cheaper on the backlist) while the self-published books cluster around a band centered at $2.99.

Read much more at The Shatzkin Files.


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