Shatzkin: ‘Pottermore changed the game this morning’

As reported earlier on the DBW Expert Publishing Blog, Pottermore could change everything for e-books. Mike Shatzkin fleshes out this idea on his blog (What’s the Greater Fear for Publishers? Amazon or Piracy?):

Then the news came that Amazon was referring people off its site to Pottermore to buy the Kindle editions of Harry Potter ebooks. (It turns out that Barnes & Noble is doing the same.) There they register themselves and then can buy the ebooks.

This is, by far, the biggest concession that has been wrested from Amazon since John Sargent faced them down over the buy buttons on Macmillan print books on that January weekend in 2010 following the Thursday when Sargent flew out to Seattle to tell them Macmillan was going to the agency model.

In January at Digital Book World, in what turned out to be a prescient presentation, Matteo Berlucchi of Anobii (an ebook retailer based in the UK that is partly owned by three major publishers) observed that only by eliminating DRM could he sell to Kindle customers. He pleaded with publishers to do that.

Read more about the history of Pottermore CEO Charlie Redmayne, why Pottermore is different and who will be left standing when the dust settles at The Shatzkin Files.


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