Shatzkin: Hollywood Movie Studios and New York Publishers Should Work Closer in E-Book Era

Hollywood movie studios and New York publishers have had a symbiotic relationship that has remained steady. In the e-book era, that relationship could grow, said Mike Shatzkin, publishing industry consultant (and partner with Digital Book World on the Digital Book World Conference in January). From The Shatzkin Files (Everybody in Hollywood Needs an eBook Strategy):

Broadly speaking, there are two categories of opportunity here. One is for legacy brands: all the stories (like “Casablanca”) that have been made famous over a century of film-making. Publishing scripts or novelizations are the simplest things that can be done. Why not publish all the Seinfeld or All in the Family scripts as ebooks? How would they sell? We don’t know, but the cost to find out is low and the availability of the book constitutes additional promotion, even of a long-established film or TV show.

Read much more at The Shatzkin Files.


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