Seth Godin: Publishers Should Build Brands

In his latest short post to his following about the book publishing world, marketing guru Seth Godin advocates that publishers build brands in order so that they will be recognized by readers as the curators (and investors) that bring them great books.

In typical Godin fashion, this prescription was couched in the language of permission marketing:

…the only way to make curation work is to have it in place alongside permission. If the publisher has direct contact with the reader, THEN she can build trust, build brand, build identity and be rewarded for her curative (curationitive?) powers. Once you associate a publisher with quality choices, the (and only then), the curation pays off.


One more reason why publishers have to urgently build a permission asset of readers who actually want to hear from them.

Read more at the Domino Project.

2 thoughts on “Seth Godin: Publishers Should Build Brands

  1. Bob MayerBob Mayer

    No one walks into a book store and says: Give me the next Random House. The author is the brand, not the publisher. The reader wants direct contact with the content, which is created by the writer, not the publisher. Thinking like this is a fundamental problem legacy publishing still has. If you’re going to stand between the writer and the reader, you better add something very valuable, but also remember your place.

    Things have changed and its obvious from my day at BEA most still don’t get it.

  2. Jonathan Gunson

    The idea of ‘walking into a book store to buy a work of fiction’ is going to disappear. It will all go digital, – Kindle iPad etc. And like any other product, the author brand name will be the only identity.

    JK Rowling
    George RR Martin

    Publishers are aware of this but are unlikely to change because they’re filled with people who’ve been trained to do just that – work for a publisher. They have no clue how to CHANGE, and don’t even want to.



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