Seth Godin: People Aren’t Buying E-Books

From the Domino Project blog (The Null Set):

One of the very real truths of our culture is being hidden in the dramatic shift from paper to ebook–lots of people are moving from paper to ‘no ebook’. For now, this is being concealed by the superreaders, ebook readers who are on a binge and buying more books than ever before.


If you’re a fan of reading or publishing, though, the real truth is sad. At $15 or $20 for an ebook, lots of people aren’t developing the online reading habit, and the industry is going to pay dearly for that in the decade to come.

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4 thoughts on “Seth Godin: People Aren’t Buying E-Books

  1. Doubtful

    Interesting blurb. I was thinking, is the traditional book publishing market jealous much? Then, I looked down at the captcha and it says, “SOUR GRAPES”! AHhahahHHAha! Coincidence? Hmmm… I have yet to see an e-book go for 15 or 20 bucks. THAT is outrageous and I am not sure entirely true. More like the .99 to 7 dollar range. That’s why e-books are selling like hotcakes. And they will continue to do so. Has the paper book gone the way of the dinosaur? Don’t think so. But electronic publishing is the next wave and the powers-that-be need to hop on it and quit discouraging those who FINALLY have a viable avenue to publishing that doesn’t include the rigorous song and dance involved in traditional publication.

  2. Robin

    What’s the catch?Or is it a stunt? I’ve looked through the top selling books at Amazon and found few that expensive. A trilogy is $18.99. A lot of my friends are buying ebooks. I’m buying ebooks. What am I missing?

  3. Martha Reynolds

    Even Stephen King’s 11/22/63, which retailed for $35 (and weighs a ton!) was $15.99 on Amazon. My husband is completely sold with his Kindle, and my gift card for him buys a lot more books.
    One more thing: we’re both in our 50’s, and LOVE the fact that we can adjust the font on our e-readers (him:Kindle, me:iPad). I have to say, the TV is off at night and we’re contentedly reading.

  4. Xhara

    You can see this kind of ebook prices (15-20$) easily if you just browse through the “current bestsellers”. Although I can’t imagine anybody really buying ebooks for that much money.
    For example at the kobo shop:
    George R. R. Martin’s A Game of Thrones… 15,34 (from 24,63) EUR
    A Dance with Dragons: A Song of Ice and Fire… 17,84 (from 28,74) EUR
    Cecelia Ahern: The Time of My Life 13,20 (from 18,31) EUR
    Danielle Steel: Betrayal 16,17 (from 22,44) EUR
    Ted Bell: Phantom: An Alex Hawke Novel 13,08 (from 18,05) EUR
    Richard Castle: Heat Rises 8,20 (from 21,34) EUR



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