Seth Godin Advocates New Hybrid Model for Publishing With Kickstarter Book Campaign

According to a video posted by Seth Godin on a Kickstarter fundraising page for his new book, Seth Godin proposes a new model of publishing, somewhere in between traditional publishing and online self-publishing.

His message might be resonating. According to a report by, Godin hit his target goal of $40,000 in just three-and-a-half hours of fundraising.

Godin has been a consistent advocate for changes in the book publishing business model. In November 2011, Godin told Digital Book World that only “permission” marketing would work for books in the future: when consumers give brands permission to send them them messages. In the theory of permission marketing, messages are missed when not received by those who have given permission — a level of loyalty few brands command, let alone first-time authors, historical narratives and academic texts, to name a few.

More recently, Godin has advocated that publishers build their own, consumer-facing brands.

The book Godin is attempting to launch with his Kickstarter page is called The Icarus Deception and it’s about “the mythology of success (and failure) and how our economy rewards people who are willing to stand up and stand out,” according to the page.

This is Godin’s first print book project in over a year.

One thought on “Seth Godin Advocates New Hybrid Model for Publishing With Kickstarter Book Campaign

  1. hello

    Hello, I understood Seth Godin has closed down his Dominio Project (trial on self-publishing) and returning to his old publisher (1 Sep 2012).

    So does this mean he has changed his view on self-publishing? given up on self-publishing? values of Domino Project still held?

    I was sad when I read this blog post. His video on why he started Dominio was moving.
    I am even sadder that we dont know what is going on.

    The kickstarter is simply funding upfront, sourced from fans (crowd) rather than publish house.
    I am interested in from launch. What is the new model ??

    Kindle/Amazon can become a platform – a marketplace with freelance editors. It has that potential. TED talk, Blog-o-sphere are key channels for the ideas spread. There is even author’s who dont want to do this. so then they could hire a \ideas spreader, facilitator\

    One of the books Seth wrote during self publish, wierd, lacked his typical edgy insights — poor content. Poor Content was root cause of this book failure. Should of been a blog post as had 2 insights in the last 5 pages of the book. So its not like comparing content of Linchpin and content of Wierd book. That is not apple to apple. So its a bit hard to assess the impact of self-publishing.

    Long time fans were disappointed with Wierd book from a content and poorly structured book (it rambled.. long-winded). Perhaps Seth is just tired.

    ref: article i found jun 26 2012:



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