Self-Publishing Tool Booktango Offers Authors 100% Royalties For E-Books Published Before July 4

The battle for authors just went nuclear with one self-publishing and distribution tool offering authors 100% of royalties for all e-books published before July 4 and free basic publishing services. (Additional publishing services, like editing and design help, are not free.)


Authors Earn Maximum E-Book Royalties With Booktango
Authors Who Publish by July 4, 2012 Using Booktango’s DIY Free E-Book Publishing Platform Keep Entire Sales Price on E-Books Sold on for the Life of the E-Book

BLOOMINGTON, IN, May 02, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Booktango(TM), the DIY free e-book publishing platform from Author Solutions, Inc., today announced authors who publish by July 4, 2012 will receive the maximum possible royalties from their e-book sales. Titles already published with Booktango will be grandfathered into the program, guaranteeing existing Booktango authors will earn maximum royalties for the life of their books.

“For the first time, e-book authors can now publish for free and keep the entire sale price of their e-book. That means if an e-book is sold for $4.99 through the Booktango bookstore, the author gets the full $4.99,” said Chris Bass, Director of Marketing for Booktango. “If it’s sold through another outlet, the e-books retailer takes their standard fee, and the author gets the rest. Booktango takes nothing — no other publishing company is offering anything this beneficial to authors.”

With Booktango, DIY e-book authors now have a universal publishing solution to create, edit, format, publish, promote and distribute their e-books all from a single platform. And with features like a free cover designer and an ever-increasing gallery of stock images, it’s never been easier to create an attractive, marketable e-book.

“There’s now a whole new sense of freedom in the publishing world because of Booktango. Authors finally have the choice to publish on their own terms, knowing they are earning the highest dollar amount per e-book sold. It’s truly the best time in history to be an author,” continued Bass.

Titles published through Booktango are available through the Booktango Bookstore and leading book retailers including Amazon(R), Barnes and Noble(R), Kobo(R), Apple(R) iBooks, Google(R) and more.

For more information about free and easy e-book publishing and distribution through Booktango, visit .

About Booktango Booktango is a free and easy-to-use online DIY book publishing solution from Author Solutions, Inc. that enables authors to create, market and sell professional quality e-books. With guaranteed distribution to leading eReading devices including the Kindle(R), Nook(R), iPad(R), Sony(R) eReader and smartphones, Booktango authors can be confident that their e-book will be accessible to a worldwide audience. For more information, visit For the latest, follow @booktango on Twitter or “Like” Booktango on Facebook.

4 thoughts on “Self-Publishing Tool Booktango Offers Authors 100% Royalties For E-Books Published Before July 4

  1. Mike

    “Booktango takes nothing — no other publishing company is offering anything this beneficial to authors.”

    Not true. offers this program 24/7/365 and distributes to many more online retailers.

  2. Julia Hidy

    Mike, I believe that charges a one time $99 set up fee that will soon go to $149, I believe. And yes, they do distribute to many more online retailers, but currently zero to 1% of revenues is still zero to 1% in authors’ pockets for the less popular ebook sales’ portals.

  3. Rick Carufel

    I tried to publish a book called, \The artist’s and Writer’s Copyright Guide\ and Booktango rejected it. They said any books they publish has to be 75% original. How, pray tell, does one write a guide to copyright law without quoting the statutes verbatim? They also tried to tell me that the seal of the copyright office I put on the cover belonged to the copyright office. The reality is that the US Government or any of its agencies cannot copyright anything and everything is public domain. I published the book as a public service for the creative people who need to know about copyright law and Booktango implied I was violating copyrights by publishing the book by not paraphrasing every law and statute I quoted in the book. I advised them to buy a copy. The book is available on and When I called them to try and straighten it out I got some phone room in India with a clone who would not connect me with anyone in charge and parroted the 75% policy ad nauseum. They say they have 24/7 tech support but when I called the first time I was put on hold by the phonebot for 15 minutes, twice, and then it said due to high call volume to leave a message and then it hung up. Finally out of frustration I hit the \O\ key several time and got the answering service. They told me the only person answering calls was on an hour break. So much for 24/7.

  4. Rick CarufelRick Carufel

    Tried to publish another book on Booktango. This time they tell me I need to give them permission to republish the book, I can’t include my ISBN for the book in the book and that the title I listed for the book isn’t the title. It’s beginning to look like their 100% royalty promotion is a scan and they are splitting hairs to try and delay the publication of any books before the deadline.



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