School Picture Day at the New York Public Library

The Wall Street Journal has a slideshow depicting what employees of the New York Public Library wear to work every day. The pictures seem a tad contrived, as the employees depicted are obviously wearing pristine, highly choreographed outfits.

From the Wall Street Journal:

It’s not just ladies in sensible shoes and wool cardigans who work at the New York Public Library. The private, non-profit organization has about 2,000 employees in 90 locations across the Bronx, Manhattan and Staten Island, and office style ranges from bookish to whimsical.

“Some of my colleagues are from the ‘School of Librarian,'” said Sharon Hewitt Watkins, vice president of finance, wearing a green cocktail dress. “I love color. I love accessories.” Shauntee Burns, a teaching and learning specialist, said: “I definitely like to look like a librarian, but I twist it with a pop of color, so it’s 21st-century librarian.”

Employees involved in special events—such as the “Live from the NYPL” series—tend to dress formally. Patrick Hoffman, director of the Theatre on Film and Tape, wears a suit and tie every day. “I’m a firm believer that good clothes open all doors.”

Click through to view the slideshow.


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