Ruckus Launches Next-Generation Children’s Digital Platform

Ruckus Media has launched the next-generation version of its Ruckus Reader children’s digital content platform. Among the many changes Ruckus made to its app, several of them respond to a desire for more and different kinds of content from parents. Read more about the original Ruckus Reader here.

The main differences between the original Ruckus Reader and the next iteration are:

— The original Ruckus Reader operated with several bookshelves within the app where users could browse and buy content. Each bookshelf was branded and had to be individually downloaded. Now readers have access to all the Ruckus content within the app without having to download individual bookshelves.

— Ruckus has formed partnerships with several children’s book publishers to provide “ReadAlongs,” or narrated children’s books.

— Ruckus has formed a partnership with NCircle Entertainment, a sales, marketing and distribution company for children’s educational video content, to provide video content.

— New and exclusive content.

The app will still feature reports on the user’s educational progress as well as one free ebook a month.

Learn more about how platforms like the Ruckus Reader will shape the future of children’s digital reading at Children’s Publishing Goes Digital on Tuesday, Jan. 15 in New York.


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