Richard Russo Puts Money Where Mouth Is With New, Print-Only Book

Best-selling author Richard Russo is making an e-book statement with his new title Interventions: He’s not selling one.

The outspoken critic of Amazon won’t produce his next work as an e-book to give people more of a “book book” experience, he said in multiple news reports.

Russo has criticized Amazon for what he calls “predatory” and “unfair” business practices. His daughter Emily Russo Murtagh works at the Greenlight Bookstore in the Ft. Greene neighborhood in Brooklyn.

In addition to the text, Interventions will be accompanied by postcards of paintings by Kate Russo, Richard’s other daughter who is an artist.

Critics of Russo’s have called for him to stop selling his books on Amazon if he is so against the company’s practices. While this book may still be sold on, it will not be available in Amazon’s Kindle store.


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