Random House Launches Three New Digital-Only Imprints

Random House has launched three new digital only imprints to capitalize on the new middle-market for ebooks. The imprints will be genre fiction: Alibi (mystery/thriller); Hydra (science fiction); Flirt (YA/new adult), which will also publish romance under the re-launched Loveswept unit, which publishes new digital-only and classic romance titles.

Each imprint will have its own editorial, marketing and publicity teams, all overseen by Allison Dobson, vice president and digital publishing director at Random House Publishing Group. She will work alongside Scott Shannon, senior vice president and publisher of digital content and Matt Schwartz, VP and director of digital strategy.

In the first half of 2012, paperback sales decreased by 20%, presumably due to mid-list readers buying more of their chosen fare (genre fiction) as ebooks. Meanwhile, ebooks were up 34.4% in the first half.

Read more in the announcement below.

[Press Release]


Gina Centrello, President and Publisher of The Random House Publishing Group (RHPG), announced today the launch of three new genre-fiction digital-exclusive imprints:  Alibi (mystery/thriller); Hydra (science fiction); Flirt (YA/New Adult) and an expanded list under the recently re-launched Loveswept (romance).   A fully-dedicated editorial, marketing, and publicity team will support each publishing program.

The Loveswept publishing program—an imprint comprised of new digital-original and classic romance titles—was re-launched in 2011.  Since then, new authors have been acquired and launched under the imprint, and new digital-original titles have been published each month.  Building on this success, the digital-only program will be expanded to include the popular mystery/thriller, new adult, and science fiction/fantasy genres.

“There are many readers out there looking for exactly what Loveswept offers—compelling characters and great stories published frequently at an affordable price,” said Centrello.  “We are thrilled to expand this program.”

The new imprint program will be overseen by Allison Dobson, Vice President, Digital Publishing Director, working with Scott Shannon, Senior Vice President, Publisher, Digital Content and Matt Schwartz, Vice President, Director of Digital Strategy.

Gina Wachtel, Vice President, Associate Publisher will oversee the editorial team, including Sue Grimshaw, Editor-at-Large, Romance, Randall Klein, Associate Editor, Mystery and Thriller, and Sarah Peed, Associate Editor, Science Fiction and Fantasy.

“As publishing continues to evolve, with more authors finding their first home in digital, our challenge is to create new ways for readers to discover books,” said Dobson.  “This dedicated team understands both the content and medium, and can effectively break out authors in the digital space.” For a closer look at this exciting new program, visit http://www.atrandom.com/eoriginals.

RHPG continues to innovate digital publishing with a variety of groundbreaking and successful projects, including the POLITICO Playbook Election eBook series and the enormously successful e-shorts program, featuring bestselling digital e-shorts by Lee Child, Dean Koontz, Karin Slaughter, and many more.


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