Publisher With Misleading Name Offers Cash-Back Deal on Amazon Kindle E-Book

The publisher calls itself BIG 6 Publishers, as in “BIG 6 Publishers pays customers 33% for Transire Kindle downloads.”


Amazon’s Achilles’ Heel Could Be Its ‘Shipping Confirmation’ for Transire

BIG 6 Publishers pays customers 33% for Transire Kindle downloads

CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Amazon emails a ‘Shipping Confirmation’ to each customer within a few minutes of processing an order for Transire. All a customer has to do to receive additional discounts is click FORWARD, and send the email to This is the test of the ‘Achilles’ heel’ theory and it has proven to work.

Amazon customers can now save an additional 33% when they download Transire on their Kindle. The customer pays a low $2.99 for the ebook and receives $1 back. Transire is the first book to offer this incentive.

How does it work? Each Amazon Kindle customer who wishes to ‘Get the Discount’ simply logs on to and buys a Transire ebook. Amazon processes the customer’s order and emails a ‘Shipping Confirmation’. The customer simply clicks FORWARD and sends the email to BIG 6 Publishers simply pays $1 to the book buyer utilizing BIG 6 will pay each Transire book buyer $3 per paperback ordered through Amazon if a ‘Shipping Confirmation’ is received or $1 per ebook download.

The above marketing plan offers every participant a winning scenario. Amazon makes sales at full profit. Customers who purchase books receive an additional $3 or $1 discount. The author receives the all-important email address of each book buyer so an author and book buyer can now communicate and the author sells more books.

About BIG 6 Publishers

BIG 6 Publishers is a division of evanSales, Inc. It was founded by Patrick Evans, the author of SalesBURST!!, which was published by John Wiley and Sons, and Transire, Patrick’s debut romantic novel. Transire is the first novel to be endorsed by Microsoft Research and the first to offer a discount system for Kindle downloads. BIG 6 Publishers specializes in math-based marketing.


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