Predictions That Hit the Cutting Room Floor

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Putting together our massive ebook predictions article for 2013 was fun but a lot of work. I got to speak with a dozen or so ebook and digital-publishing expert and engage in the always-fun activity of speculating about the future.

That’s the fun part. The hard work is compiling all of those predictions, choosing what I think are the ten best ones and then writing them up.

Even after all that work, though, I wasn’t “predictioned-out.” I wrote this for Forbes with my personal predictions. And I also thought it would be fun to share with you the predictions from our Digital Book World article that didn’t quite make the cut.

I’m not going to put much here except the raw prediction — not who made it, what the rationale is or what I didn’t choose is. Why? Because.

1. Adobe will sell its DRM platform and associated business to a third party.

2. Amazon will continue to expand globally to Latin America and other regions.

3. If you don’t just limit it to iPads, in 2013, more seven-inch tablets will sell than 10-inch tablets.

4. Publishers will put widgets all over specialty sites (like food blogs and such) and start selling more books there.

5. The spate of publishing start-ups that were funded over the past few years will begin to shutter en mass.

Just because these didn’t make the cut doesn’t mean they’re not decent predictions. They could happen. They just didn’t make the cut.


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