PaidContent: Kindle Singles Sell Two Million in 14 Months, Earns Amazon $1 Million

Laura Hazard Owen at paidContent has the scoop (Exclusive: Amazon Has Sold Over Two Million Kindle Singles):

Amazon says that in the 14 months the program has been running, it has sold over two million Kindle Singles. Seventy percent of each sale goes to the author or publisher, and Amazon keeps 30 percent. Amazon wouldn’t disclose its total revenues from those two million singles, but the minimum price of a Single is $0.99 and most are $1.99 (the author or publisher sets the price). So with an average price of $1.87 multiplied by two million, a rough estimate of Amazon’s 30-percent cut is $1.12 million. (How much are some authors making? See our post later this morning.)

Read the full story, including charts and graphs, at paidContent.


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