PaidContent: DoJ Lawsuit to Use Circumstantial Evidence to Prosecute Apple, Agency Five

The latest Justice Department filing against Apple and the so-called agency five builds its price-fixing, anti-trust case on circumstantial evidence, which, the DoJ says, will be enough. PaidContent has the story (Lawsuit Says Circumstantial Evidence Enough To Prove e-Book Conspiracy):

The plaintiffs who are accusing Apple and publishers of fixing e-book prices say they don’t have to show an actual meeting took place. Instead, they say, indirect evidence like price jumps and a common motive are enough to establish an antitrust conspiracy.

The claims, set out in a new court filing, coincide with reports this weekend that the Justice Department is nearing a settlement in the e-book dispute.

The e-book investigation is also before the European Commission and various state Attorneys General. The matter appears poised to come to a head in the next month.

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