New Website Promises Book Discoverability Through Discounts

UPDATE: The founders of Booksliced have given Digital Book World more information on the company, including that it only uses Amazon data thus far but plans on expanding to other e-bookstores in the future.

A new website launched today that promises to help readers discover new books by which popular titles are discounted the most.

Michigan-based is a price-tracking service that finds popular books that are currently being offered at a discount by e-book retailers.

“Rather than highlight every price change for every book, our algorithm filters out minor prices changes while only showing books that surpass a certain popularity threshold,” wrote Matt Kraft, founder of Booksliced, in an email.

When users click on a “buy” button next to a book, it links them directly to the book page on an e-bookseller online. In a short time clicking through the site, the only store that is linked to that Digital Book World could find was Amazon.

Booksliced claims to be able to help new authors and self-published authors get discovered by those in the reading public that wants free and cheap e-books. Users can set notifications for when popular books go on sale.

The website has a simple design and readers can choose to browse discounted books by genre.


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