New Start-up Bookboard Offers Un-Enhanced Kids’ Ebooks by Subscription

Another start-up is trying its hand at ebook subscriptions.
Bookboard, now available in private beta, offers users a selection of about 300 children’s ebooks and plans to charge $5.00-to-$10.00 a month when it launches in early 2013. The 300 children’s books currently available come from publishers like Charlesbridge, Orca, Twin Sisters, Illumination Arts and Bubblegum Books. Titles on Bookboard are intentionally un-enhanced to keep focus on conventional reading.
One of the founders, Nigel Pegg, told paidContent, “We want to create an addictive chain reading experience.” And this addiction would reward both the reader and the publisher: Bookboard bases publishers’ royalties on pages read; and by reading, kids gain access to more ebooks.
The company raised an angel round of funding of $500,000, came from friends and family. Bookboard founders Pegg, Fang Chang, and Michael Fitzpatrick, all previously of Adobe, are looking for additional funding.

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