New Online E-Book Store Bilbary Launches

E-book store start-up Bilbary is now in beta: is a website for ebooks, compatible with your computer, tablet, smart phone and ereader.

Thank you for visiting the beta site of Bilbary. We have opened with 320,000 publishers’ “distribution” titles, as a first step. This will be followed by “agency” titles, then out of copyright, self published and international titles in the next few months. Our development program is described in Bilbary labs. We will be very pleased to receive your views.

Check it out here.

3 thoughts on “New Online E-Book Store Bilbary Launches

  1. Nancy Beckons

    I would like my self published book, THE MEN OF MATCH: MEMOIRS OF A CYBERDATING MAVEN to be registered as soon as you begin carrying e-books. Soon to be released

  2. David Barnard

    Two out of print I would love to see as ebooks are:
    Stud marks on the summits, by Bill Smith (unobtainable), and
    The long hard road, by Ron Hill (2 volumes of autobiography, typically £60 secondhand).



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