New Julian Assange Ebook on Sale Exclusively at Publisher and reKiosk

Some might find it ironic that a book by someone who has spent his life fighting for free and open access to more information isn’t having his book sold in as many places as possible.

On the other hand, “Amazon, iBooks, Nook, etc — are all closed systems which restrict the way a user can use the file (and restrict the content on the site). reKiosk is ‘open’ — the file can be read on any machine, copied, etc — while the content on reKiosk is also uncensored,” reKiosk CEO Aziz Isham told Digital Book World.

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New Julian Assange Book Cypherpunks On Digital Media Startup reKiosk

The new book by internet activist/international fugitive Julian Assange, Cypherpunks: Freedom and the Future of the Internet, (OR Books) was released this week – but you won’t find it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, or anywhere else that you may be used to buying books from. That’s because the ebook, which brings together a group of activists from the front line of the battle for cyber-space, is only available for purchase on the publisher’s website and through digital media startup reKiosk.

Cypherpunks, which Oliver Stone calls a “gripping, vital read” has been reviewed on CNN, the Guardian, and several other media outlets, is a primer on the ways that secrecy and privacy have been compromised, exploited and manipulated in the age of google and facebook. Assange’s book comes at a time when the politics of the Internet have reached a crossroads: in direction one lies a future that guarantees, in the watchwords of the cypherpunks, “privacy for the weak and transparency for the powerful”; in the other lies an Internet that allows government and large corporations to discover ever more about internet users while hiding their own activities.

reKiosk is the first socially networked, turnkey solution to offer individual creators, labels, publishers and anyone interested in promoting indie media a free and easy way to sell and market digital media.
It was a natural fit for the subject matter, in part because is offers a platform that is uncensored, free and open to all, while still providing users the safety and security they would get from a major digital distributor like Amazon. Founded by brother and sister Aziz and Darya Isham, reKiosk allows anyone, anywhere to open an online store to sell digital goods.

reKiosk has already established relationships with some of the biggest names in independent publishing and music, including Grove Atlantic, OR Books, and PledgeMusic. The platform allows individuals, publishers and record labels to sell their entire catalogs, no matter how large or small.

“reKiosk is a way to sell directly to your fans, and have your fans sell for you. We believe that the digital age means that writers and musicians shouldn’t have to give their products away – we’re solving the distribution crisis by creating a platform that allows anyone, anywhere, to open a digital storefront and sell what they love,” says co-founder, Aziz Isham.

reKiosk is wrapped in an ethos geared towards promoting independent media: Everyone is on a level playing field, no ads and no special treatment for big companies. Search is curated by people, not algorithms, to help you find great products and share them across integrated social media platforms.



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