New E-Book Production and Marketing Company Offers Authors 360 Degree Service

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As an increasing number of people choose to self-publishing books and make a go at becoming the next Amanda Hocking or Tracy Garvis Graves — or, much more modestly, simply selling a few copies of something they could be proud of — there has been a profusion of tools and services to help them achieve their goals.

Take, for instance, Smashwords, iBooks Author and Book Tango, which recently upped the ante by offering its services to authors at a steep discount to its normal rate. Many services are doing what Book Tango is doing: trying to offer authors more.

To that end, a new service launched today that aims to provide authors with the “‘total package,’ from manuscript to marketing,” according to a statement.

The statement from Your Ebook Team (the name of the company) goes on to say that the company works individually with each author to turn manuscripts into high quality books that reach a wide audience.

The question is, how is this different from a traditional publisher? Or, perhaps, a vanity press in the traditional sense?

One satisfied customer says in the release, “This is my fifth book, and this is the best publisher I have ever worked with.”

The company offers a compensation model where the author gets a higher proportion of royalties until its initial investment (read: payment to Your Ebook Team) is recouped.

As self-publishing services offer more, well, services, they come closer to being traditional publishers where the author pays the publisher instead of the other way around.

2 thoughts on “New E-Book Production and Marketing Company Offers Authors 360 Degree Service

  1. Jen Talty

    Its the eBook form of vanity publishing. Personally, I recommend authors not to go with anything that looks like a vanity publisher. This line has been blurred with self-publishing as services are generally required such as formatting, cover art, editing etc. I think these services often don’t do what they promise when it comes to marketing and discoverability and I think many of them it is buyer beware. I don’t know this company, so I can’t speak of them personally, but I am hesitant because of how vanity publishing works to begin with.

  2. Manfred Krames

    I am from Germany, having written 12 books. I need an agent/partner to sell my work as eBooks. What is the procedure and your commission etc.?



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