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Enthrill’s PackaDRM(TM) Officially Announced
New digital rights approach set to transform ebook industry

CALGARY, ALBERTA, May 10, 2012 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) — Enthrill Distribution Inc. today announced PackaDRM(TM), a game changing Digital Rights Management (DRM) option that is set to change how publishers utilize social DRM and watermarking.

PackaDRM(TM) works by inserting digital rights messaging within ebook files in a way that is comprehensive and visible to readers while offering a level of protection on copyrighted materials. Enthrill’s PackaDRM(TM) system allows publishers to deliver ebooks to all consumers regardless of device, as it works on both epub and mobi file types.

“Enthrill will be first to market with a platform-neutral watermarking solution for all publishers with PackaDRM(TM).” says Kevin Franco, co-founder and President of Enthrill.

PackaDRM(TM) works by ‘packaging the consumer’s information into three key pieces of each ebook file as it is distributed to the customer online:

1.  Inserted into the ebook as a full page and displayed at the beginning of
the book as a personalized message reminding the reader of the
copyrighted content of the ebook.
2.  Inserted into the ebook in a manner that is not visible to the reader. A
unique transaction ID is added to the metadata. This layer of protection
is not readily apparent to average users, allowing the publisher to
track ownership of the ebook even if malicious users try to scrub out
obvious personal identification markers within the file.
3.  Inserted into the end of the ebook file as another full page to once
again remind readers of the copyright agreement they entered in to with
the publisher at the point of purchase.

Enthrill’s PackaDRM(TM) treats readers with respect and through effective communication, ensures that readers never forget their obligation to preserve content ownership. The benefit to consumers is the convenience of increased usability by allowing them to read their ebook on any of the devices they may own.

Previous versions of social DRM or watermarking assumed readers knew they were not permitted to copy or share their ebook file. Enthrill has removed that assumption and replaced it with a visible and comprehensive reminder of the contract that readers simply can’t ignore or forget.

“For those publishers that choose to use social DRM or watermarking, we believe PackaDRM(TM) is the best solution,” adds Franco.

PackaDRM(TM) is set to shake up the ebook industry with the first platform-neutral, watermarking solution to serve multiple publishers.

Enthrill is a company at the forefront of opportunities in the world of digital publishing and distribution. Enthrill has positioned itself to lead the publishing industry on many fronts through innovative eBook distribution methods, digital content delivery and transmedia publishing. The company is also set to launch a revolutionary new distribution system through brick and mortar retail locations, giving publishers the ability to display and sell ebooks through established distribution and sales channels.

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