New ‘Drag-and-Drop’ E-Publishing Platform Made for iPad Enhanced E-Books

It seems like a new e-book publishing platform for publishers and consumers is launched nearly every week. Apple’s iBooks Author, Inkling’s Habitat, Vook and The Atavist are just a few among the recent high-profile launches in the space.

Now, from the UK, comes eWowBooks, a drag-and-drop enhanced e-book creation tool that makes books for iBooks (but will soon expand to other platforms, according to the company).

What makes eWowBooks different? The ease of use and ability to divide whole works up into chapters and sell them individually, much like Inkling’s e-textbooks.


eWowBooks — A 21st Century Dickens

A North East-based ePublishing company, eWowBooks has launched its new iPad app on the Apple App Store and published its first multimedia, interactive ebook – My Random Digi-Life.

eWowBooks is the brainchild of BAFTA-winning feature film producer and author Emer McCourt.  Her first e-book, titled My Random Digi-Life, an original, highly interactive book series for girls aged between nine and twelve, has been written in 16 parts and will be released on a weekly basis. The free eWowBooks app can be downloaded today directly from the iTunes store or from – readers can access their free sample and also purchase Issue 1 of My Random Digi-lIfe priced at £1.99 from the store.

“My goal was to bring great stories to life for a generation of  21st Century children who are fluent and intuitive in the use of technology in their everyday lives – a generation that have grown up with tech (computers, smartphones and tablet computers).  By delivering an interactive experience, we keep young readers engaged while developing their imagination and creativity while improving their reading skills. Our first in-house release is intended to engage parents and children in our fantastic, multimedia books and also to show publishers what the platform is capable of. It  is packed with animation, videos, stunning illustrations, original audio clips, photos and more.  Readers can share, email, write, draw and save all their favourite creations to their personalised gallery while enjoying a fantastic story about Bella – a smart ten year old girl who uses her mobile phone to record the random, crazy things that happen in her life.”

In tandem with it’s multi-media offerings eWowBooks have developed an e-book drag and drop tool for publishers which will enable publishers to upload their content and publish directly to the iPad via the eWowBooks platform, it will reduce the costs and delivery times of the production of interactive ebooks.  Initially eWookBooks are for the iPad, thanks to the Northstar investment, in the future we intend to offer publishers a seamless experience across multiple platforms.  eWowBooks  makes it simple for publishers to create and publish content-rich, interactive ebooks without programming skills using the eWowEditor. They also publish interactive, multimedia ebooks for children in the online bookstore for those who just want to consume content.

Richard Exley, Northstar’s Proof of Concept manager, added: “With a brilliant tech team, spearheaded by the company’s tech mentor Paul Rawlings CEO of Screenreach, Emer has produced an original business model for the publishing industry – with a flexible e-book publishing platform that can be licensed to publishers in a variety of ways. The company has not only created a highly-sophisticated new multi-interactive platform for its own original stories, but this unique offering will enable publishers to deliver stunning, interactive children’s books using eWowBooks technology on their own white-labelled platform.”

Thanks to a £100,000 investment from the Finance for Business North East Proof of Concept Fund, managed by Northstar Ventures, eWowBooks is now aiming to interest other publishers in its cutting-edge multi-media digital technology.


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