New Digital Publishing Start-up SkyInk Studios

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Young Entrepreneur Taking on Digital Book Market
Company Working with Authors and Publishers to Create Interactive Book Apps

Washington D.C.-  The world of publishing is changing dramatically.  Just as the music industry was revolutionized by the digital marketplace, so too is the traditional publishing industry being challenged.  The proliferation of tablet and e-reader devices such as the iPad, Kindle and Nook has significantly increased the use of e-books.

A young entrepreneur is capitalizing on these trends but with a twist of magic.  SkyInk Studios, founded by young entrepreneur Arthur Ebeling, is an advanced creative studio with a breadth of capability spanning animation, illustration and advanced programming.  In particular, the company specializes in creating e-books and dynamic book apps.

Book apps are essentially e-books that are enriched further with interactivity and animation.  Ebeling believes that this new format not only enhances the reader experience, but can be a strong addition to education.   “The education experience is being transformed in the digital environment.  With the addition of interactivity, animation, video and dynamic infographics, the reader experience is being altered from static text to a multisensory learning adventure.  We are finding increased engagement and efficacy of learning,” says Ebeling.

As a young CEO, Ebeling sees his youth as an advantage.  “The domain of publishing is changing.  The creation of enhanced e-books and book apps require a breadth of capability and technological savvy.  This traditionally is not the core competency of publishers,” says Ebeling.

SkyInk works with authors and publishers to create and format their inventories into e-books and book apps.  “We work with a variety of clientele including first time authors, established authors, publishing firms large and small.  We also work with educational institutions to convert or create curriculum,” says Ebeling.

In addition to servicing authors and publishers, SkyInk also operates its own creative platform that includes the release of its own book apps.  The company is currently set to release three children’s book apps for the iPad in December.  One title, Origami, features a young girl who is forced to live with her disgruntled aunt.  The girl finds solace in her favorite craft, origami.  The story takes a magical turn when one of her origami comes to life.

“We are poised to continue to create new worlds, populate them with rich characters and storylines.  We also look forward to helping authors, publishers and businesses create unique content that helps them drive sales or improve education,” says Ebeling.  “The iPad and other tablet and e-reader devices should not be feared or shunned but embraced.  Will they replace traditional books?  I hope not.  But I think they constitute a wonderful supplement to reading and learning,” says Ebeling.

Arthur Ebeling is the founder and CEO of SkyInk Studios He was a Top 6 Global Finalist in the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (2008) and was named the SBA Young Entrepreneur of the Year in West Virginia (2011). He was recently named to the Empact100 list, a compilation of America’s top business leaders under 30. Ebeling’s writing about digital publishing has appeared through Forbes, Yahoo, Upstart Business Journal, Killer Startups and The Agency Post.

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  1. Goldilocks

    Hello, agree that publishing is heading to multimedia production and was excited to read about Skylink but unable to find the company on Twitter. Will try to remember to check to see if their a/c is up and running in next week then I could support the company in some small way.



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